Professional Services Firms

Cost effective, quick turnaround hiring solutions for private equity firms, advertising, legal services, accounting, architecture, engineering, computer systems design and physicians’ groups. 

We offer a complete recruiting solution for professional services organizations that generally need highly skilled, difficult to find professionals and lack the internal resources to conduct a full search.

Full Guaranteed Search: If you lack internal resources, need to fill a particularly difficult search and/or meet strict timelines, we can execute an entire search for you. We deploy a series of well-articulated steps designed to end with you hiring an individual, selected from a panel of qualified candidates. These steps include: conducting a preliminary survey, drafting a position description for your review and approval, developing a prospect list of, on average, 120 candidates, making prospecting calls to everyone on the prospective candidate list, which generally yields 8-20 interested and qualified candidates and then conducting in-depth interviews to determine whether or not the candidate meets the basic qualifications established in the position description. We then conduct final interviews with 5-7 candidates and present 3-5 of the most qualified candidates for you to interview. We assist in negotiation, upon request and remain in contact with the candidate selected to ensure an orderly transition. This process is designed to produce a placement within approximately 30-45 days.

Sample Engagements
  • The Highway Safety and Reflective Films division of a NYSE-listed Fortune 500 company needed a Director of Engineering for their Technology and New Ventures business. They wanted to tap into their competitors, but needed to keep their search confidential, because they had just hired a person for the job who was not working out. We met with the Vice President, Human Resources and the General Manager of the business unit off-premises and received all of the relevant details for the position. We agreed to use email for both internal and external correspondence to protect anonymity until they picked a new candidate and terminated the current employee. Within 24 hours, we emailed the principals a position description and list of target companies that we wanted to generate leads from. They gave us the go-ahead and we quickly identified 140 potential prospects. We contacted each prospect and discussed the highlights of the position with them without mentioning the name or location of our client. We were able to elicit resumes and interest from 20 qualified candidates and sent them a copy of the job description, without the company profile. After conducting phone interviews, we arranged face-to-face interviews with six candidates and presented four of them for final, off-site interviews with our client. Because we had to keep the position undisclosed, we conducted the reference checks after they selected the final candidate and made her an offer. The entire process took just over four weeks and we successfully kept the search confidential until the final interviews.

  • A national hospitality and entertainment company, with limited internal recruiting resources, needed a Digital Marketing Manager to devise strategies to drive online traffic to the company website, track conversion rates and make improvements to the website, as well as develop and manage digital marketing campaigns and analyze metrics for PPC marketing with Google, Yahoo, Bing and LinkedIn, utilizing a range of techniques. The person needed to be adept at paid search, SEO and PPC techniques, able to articulate the social media strategy for the company, work with outside advertising agencies and manage online brand campaigns to raise brand awareness. This was an important position, as the company derived most of their customers through marketing efforts, as opposed to walk in trade. We compressed the entire local market and presented candidates that filled the position within 30 days.


  • We were retained to conduct a search for a Director of Research, by a national M&A advisory firm with no human resources department, that partners with private equity firms to streamline the acquisition process, execute investment strategies and create value for private equity groups by serving as an intermediary to manage and facilitate the entire acquisition process from first contact to deal closing. The Director of Research position, for whom we were recruiting, was a replacement position and critical to the company, as all of their acquisition research was proprietary and developed in-house. This was a client-facing role and required extensive interaction with clients and internal deal teams. We met with the company and made recommendations, where we thought we could find people who could interact with clients, but also had deep, detailed experience with aggressive research mandates. They embraced our ideas and we went to work compressing the entire available market and presented viable candidates to them in less than 30 days. Our candidate is on-board and thriving in her new position.

  • We were retained by a pediatric physicians group, with no in-house, human resources or recruiting function, to conduct a search for a Board Certified Pediatric physician. We researched both local and national Pediatric Residency programs and developed a list of candidates that would interview within 20 days. The candidate who was hired from our efforts, was the first physician, aside from the founder, to join the practice. We went on to conduct many searches for this group, including administrative professionals, as the practice grew. They now operate multiple locations and are considered a national, knowledge resource in pediatric medicine. 

  • Our client is a global brand in the design and manufacturer of highly engineered cryogenic equipment, used from the beginning to the end in the liquid gas supply chain. They wanted to develop mobile trailers for their tanks and needed a Senior Engineer who understood the design and engineering of over the road heavy equipment. Although this firm had a sizable HR department they, along with their usual sources, could not find people with these skills fast enough to have them on-board in time to meet their new product development goals. This was a national search and the person hired was going to work at the company’s skunk works, which was located in a rather obscure area. We researched every truck chassis manufacturer in the country, looking for people with the requisite engineering skills and over-the-road vehicle mandate certification. We were able to locate over 20 candidates and one, who actually lived within 15 miles of the job who ended up being the candidate selected. These candidates were very hidden and under the radar. If we did not completely break down every company (compress the entire market for every position – our hallmark), in the industry, we would have not been able to fill this position. 

  • We were hired to conduct a search for a Director of Merchandising for a $100M, Midwestern creator of high quality, whimsically patterned apparel, focused at young girls and tween customers. The energy and passion that goes into their designs was their hallmark. They were seeking a collaborative and creative Director of Merchandising who possessed an ownership mentality and a willingness to jump in and help out wherever and whenever opportunities presented themselves. We also had to maintain the company’s anonymity for most of the search, as this was a replacement for someone in the job who was not performing. The person for whom we were looking, was going to be part the company’s leadership team and needed to have had demonstrated experience in a high growth apparel venture. We targeted and researched every apparel company in the US, that had sales between $100M and $500M and found the Director and Assistant Director of Merchandising for each one. Although the company was in an obscure geographical area we were able to find over 100 candidates in two weeks and fill the position within 45 days. 

  • We were hired by a premier, strategy, consulting and succession-planning firm to conduct a search for an estate-planning attorney, who had extensive estate design and complex tax planning experience, to work with the firm’s affluent clientele. This search required us to breakdown all the law firms and insurance companies, with estate planning departments and find attorneys with the requisite skills and demeanor to function in a consulting company. Most attorneys balked at the position because of the geographical location and for being part of a consulting organization, although the remuneration was better than most law firm associates were being paid. We generated and presented the position to over 400 perspective candidates, within a 200-mile radius of the firm, in 45 days and filled the position in 60 days.  

  • We were hired by a global architectural firm to conduct a search for a Single Family Studio Principal, experienced with large-scale housing and town house development. The person needed expertise with the entire process, as well as business development. We looked at architectural firms across the country and generated over 300 candidates in 30 days and filled the position in 45 days with the person relocating to Mid-Atlantic from the West Coast. This was a particularly tough market for architects as the market heated up after the recession and there are approximately 400% more jobs than available candidates.

  • A $150 million dollar Global Chemical Company with Operations in the US, China and Europe asked us to find a Supply Chain Director to optimize customer service and cost, with a special emphasis on ocean freight, logistics and creating and maintaining a high level of customer service. The key was finding a candidate with experience with ocean freight and Chinese procurement, manufacturing and import and export operations. Candidates also had to be able to adhere to C-TPAT, DEA, EPA regulations, NACD principals and all Federal, State, local and international regulations. The person would be charged with creating a high performance supply chain organization, with a high level of customer service, while driving the organization be a low cost provider. We found over 100 companies, located within a 100-mile radius of the client’s HQ and sourced and presented our client opportunity to over 175 candidates that produced 10 interviews and the placement of a successful candidate. This search took us 30 days.